• An application form attached as Annexure A, B, & C, approved by the Vhembe District Municipality and commonly used by the Water and Sanitation Service Providers (WSP) for the purpose, shall be used in order to reach a common objective.
  • After the application form has been completed, an effective and efficient evaluation system should be used in order to facilitate the outcome within a reasonable time.
  • If a person is found to be indigent, the person should be registered as such in a database, which should be linked inter alia to the debtors system of the WSP.
  • The indigent database should be regularly updated and audit trails of all changes should be kept and checked on a monthly basis.
  • All indigents should be re-evaluated within a period of at least 12 months after receiving indigent status.
  • A further condition should be that if an indigent’s status would change, he/she should immediately notify the WSP.
  • Defaulters to the system should be punished and a penalty to the amount of R5 000,00 should be paid if false information was supplied on which e indigent status and subsequent benefits was provided.
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