Integrated Development Programme (IDP) is a process by which municipalities prepare 5-year strategic plans that is reviewed annually in consultation with communities and stakeholders. These plans adopt an implementation approach and seek to promote integration by balancing social, economic and ecological pillars of sustainability without compromising the institutional capacity required in the implementation, and by coordinating actions across sectors and spheres of government.
Vhembe District Municipality's IDP is charged with the responsibility to develop and monitor the implementation of, with the support of the PIMS, the Integrated Development Plan.
IDP Functions

  • Plan and serve as a catalyst for development for the Vhembe District Municipality.
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of the IDP.
  • Ensure community participation in the IDP planning processes.

Ensure the vertical and horizontal alignment or planning process i.e. planning alignment between district municipality and local municipalities, and alignment between municipalities and sector departments).

DPLG LED Programmes provides support in the following areas:

  • Development and review of national policy, strategy and guidelines on LED;
  • Providing direct and hand-on support to provincial and local government;
  • Management of the Local Economic Development Fund;
  • Management and Technical Support to Nodal Economic Development Planning;
  • Facilitating coordinating and monitoring to donor programmes, and
  • Assisting on LED capacity building processes.

Through these interventions, resources, local actors and interests are mobilised for the sake of achieving economic growth and employment creation, and eventually poverty alleviation.

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