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Theft And Vandalism Of Water Infrastructure

R 1, 5 million meant for Mayoral car bought 10 new Nissan bakkies

Leading by an example, the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Florence Radzilani has prioritized service delivery issues such as job creation, fighting the demons of corruption
and poverty as well as provision of clean water and sanitation in the district. The Executive Mayor said 1, 5 million which was budgeted to purchase the Mayoral car was used to buy 10 brand new Nissan bakkies to assist in the maintenance and supply of water and sanitation infrastructure within communities. The 10 brand new white bakkies will be handed over to the Technical Services Department by the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Florence Radzilani on the 20th March 2017, at Vhembe District Municipality at 13h30. The purchase of vehicles comes at the good time while the dam levels have risen above 100% in some of the dams in Vhembe District Municipality.

24 March 2017
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Water Challenges must be addressed now

The newly elected Executive Mayor for Vhembe District Municipality, Florence Fulufhelo Radzilani, has promised that her council will make sure that “water challenges are addressed.” Radzilani says it is un-acceptable for community members to live without water as an essential need. “Water is a basic commodity which is the very basis of life itself. All of us here will agree that the main service delivery challenge facing us is water.

“This is an undeniable reality facing each one of us, whether we sit in the PMT or in the opposition benches. The problem is made even worse by the persisting drought which has left many of our dam levels low. “While we shall continue to deliver water through the tankering system, especially in depressed areas, I believe that we must at the same time begin to come up with workable solution in the medium to long term,” said Radzilani during her acceptance speech. Part of the things that will be done immediately to address the challenges she said will be to maintain the existing infrastructure and upgrading them. She acknowledges that there are challenges of dilapidated infrastructure and population growth which are contributing to water scarcity.

“As a start, I will make sure that there is a team assembled immediately to refurbish and repair all our damaged boreholes.

We will also at the same time have to come up with popular campaigns to curtail the continuing theft and vandalism of water generators, including borehole equipment especially in deep rural areas.”

Radzilani said there is a need for water harvesting and conservation from catchment areas. She said they must also receive immediate priority. “Our technical department must help us find appropriate solution to unlock the various existing water sources such as the ones in Tshaulu and in similar places. Means and ways must be found to make drinking water available to those residing in areas adjacent to dams and catchment areas. “It can never be acceptable that these people are simple bypassed when decisions on development areas for water reticulation are taken.

“I promise to spend more time on project visits to the affected communities to ensure that our people receive clean drinking water without interruptions. I believe these to be some of the most immediate quick wins we can bank in the medium term while we work towards finding longer term solutions to speedily deliver water to our people.

“At the end of our Council tenure, we must expect our people to judge us on the extent to which we would have deliver water to our people,” said Radzilani.

Masisi ho vulwa kiliniki ya maimo

Mafhungo a u tshimbila lwendo lu lapfu nga nayo na gariki dzi kokodzwaho nga mbongola musi vhadzulapo vha tshi toda tshumelo ya zwa mutakalo I do vha divhazwakale kha vhadzulapo vha Masisi na vhaledzani na vho sa izwi murangaphanda wa muhasho wa zwa mutakalo Dokotela Vho-Phophi Ramathuba vho nekedza kiliniki ya vhunzhilinzhili kha vhudzulapo vha vhupo uho.

Vho-Ramathuba, vhe vha nekedza zwifhato izwo zwa musauno vho fhelekedzwa nga khosikhulu ya la Venda Vho-Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana na muhulwane wa muhasho wa zwa zwifhatwa Vho-Jerry Ndou khathihi na vhanwe vha tatisei, vho nekedza vho na kiliniki thendeleki dza tshi vhalo khathihi na mimodoro ya thuso hanzi.

Khosikhulu vho eletshedza vhadzulapo uri vha si lingee nga u funga mililo kha zwifhato izwo musi vha tshivhonono reangazwinwe-vho. Vho-Ramathuba na Vho-Ndou vho ri mihasho ya vhoyo shumisana u itela u disela tshumelo iyo hu u itela u shandukisa matshilo a vhadzulapo.

More people have access to sanitation

Access to sanitation is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution and it is the responsibility of government to ensure that such basic h u m a n r i g h t i s r e a l i z e d. As a caring government, Vhembe District Municipality understand that sanitation restores the human dignity of our people particularly in poor and impoverished communities. During the term of the council, 57 542 VIP toilets have been completed benefiting more than 300 000 people. In municipalities like Musina and Mutale, the backlog has been addressed to a less than 5%. Statistics have revealed that backlogs are still huge at Thulamela a n d M a k h a d o.

In an effort towards achieving this target of reducing the sanitation backlog by 50% in 2020, an amount of R112 million has been spent so far to address sewerage works, ponds and treatment plants.

More resources are needed to address sewerage challenges at Malamulele, Dzanani and Musina to match the pace of development in these communities. In responding to the constitution of the country which compel local government to provide healthy and safe environment to communities, the district has distributed more than two hundred and eighty refuse bins in all four local municipalities for the past two years. More than eighty clean up campaigns were held since May 2011 local government elections. Matibe also hailed of the communities who are taking the issue of environmental and community h e a l t h s e r i o u s l y. He also acknowledged Malamulele A d o p t a r i v e r t e a m u n d e r t h e leadership of Mr Magomane for the outstanding work that the team is doing in protecting, cleaning and conserving t h e e n v i r o n m e n t .

Matibe handed 940 hand gloves to the team during his State of District Address he tabled at Mavambe on J u n e 2 4 , r e c e n t l y. This follows the promise made to the community that they will get this donation before the end of July. Ten new fire and rescue vehicles were procured and allocated in all fire stations in Vhembe. A budget of R5 million was used to buy these vehicles. Matibe also revealed that Eskom and local municipalities worked together to make sure that 8 000 connections are made in the 2016/17 f i n a n c i a l y e a r.

Vhembe District Executive Mayor Cllr Tshitereke Matibe has urged community to help the municipality in fighting challenges that affect service delivery in the district.

Matibe cited illegal connection of water as one of the biggest challenges. He said campaigns were done to raise awareness for community to understand the negative impact of connecting water illegally. “We have noted that the majority of illegal connections were formalized by the p r e v i o u s d i s p e n s a t i o n. “We have regrettably learnt that some of the people who are connecting water illegally are municipal employees.

However, MWIG funds are allocated to make necessary intervention but I would like to state that we must expose those who are continuing with these tendencies. Water bylaws are in place and some of the clauses are as follows: Bylaws will deal with culprits of vandalism of water s e r v i c e s p i p e s , p u m p m a c h i n e s , (diesel or electric), street taps (making of finger rings), removal of bypassing of water meters and any touching of any municipal property by an un-authorized person, dealing with non-payment of water services and credit control,” he said. Matibe said bylaws will ensure that residents are applying for yard water and sewer connection (where the reticulation and water quantity are sufficient) and ultimately pay for the water consumed.

Set standards of water quality to be discharged into the sewer system had been made. Consumers with yard connection with no water meter were given until a year period between July 01, 2015 until June 30, 2016 so that they can visit any municipal offices so that they can pay for any connection. The connection fee for registered indigent is R743 and none indigent must pay R3 186, 00. Consumers are allowed to pay by instalment until when they finish. As from July 01, 2016, all consumers with unmetered connections will be fined R10 620.00 penalty. Connections done on bulk pipelines and all rising pipes to and from reservoir will be cut-off without any further notification from January 02, 2016.Flat rate will be implemented to all consumers with unmetered connections while they are making arrangements to legalize their connections. About R30 per month for these getting water for more than 8hrs almost daily. R15 per every month for these getting water less than 8hrs almost daily. Fine for any damage to any water meter is R2 655.00. All registered indigents who not getting their rightful free 6KI of water per month must contact ward councillor and their names must be brought to the district office.

Drying of boreholes is another source of challenge in the district. Alternative sources were identified to assist the affected communities. In some communities, new boreholes were drilled to replace the dysfunctional ones. In 2015/16 the district was severely affected by drought. Drying up of boreholes was noticed in big numbers and some of the dam levels were below 15%. Drought situation has worsened the challenge of providing water to the communities.

National government has intervened by allocating additional resources to deal with the challenges created by drought. Culture of non-payment of municipal services is also a major challenge. To address this challenge, council has adopted a plan to install prepaid meters in areas where water supply is sufficient. Since 2013 waster summit, more than 7 000 new meters were installed. Council is intending to partner with external funders to accelerate the installation of new prepaid meters. In areas like Makhado town, the district has installed security system to track down any attempt to t e m p e r w i t h t h e s y s t em.


Vhembe District Municipality Cllr Tshitereke Matibe is happy about the service delivery done to the people under his leadership.

In his address during the State of District Address he presented at Mavambe village on June 24, Matibe said he was proud of some of the water and sanitation projects completed during the term of council, 2011 – 2016. Working together with communities and other role players, Vhembe District Municipality has successfully completed 69 projects between 2011 to 2015 at the value of m o r e t h a n R 2 b i l l i o n .

“The completion of these projects has improved access to water to 29 680 households and population of more than 350 000,” said Matibe proudly.


Malamulele West Regional Water Scheme phase two which include Nhombelani water reticulation with 352 household and a population of 878 benefited from the project. Malamulele West Regional Water Scheme phase two which include Dakari ware reticulation, 878 families are g e t t i n g w a t e r a d e q u a t e l y. Xikundu/Mhinga: doubling bulk water supply from NR3 to Van Rooyen is also complete.

Maunavhathu Water Supply project is helping 750 families to access water. Nandoni to Malamulele phase two for reservoir and pump station is also done. Mashamba bulk water supply for storage and internal reticulation, 2 240 households benefitted. Mukula water supply benefited more than 920 households with adequate water supply. Construction of bulk line from Valdezia and Mowkop has already started. Matibe said the completion of this project which is worth over R500 million will help to improve the supply of water in Makhado town and more than forty villages with the total households of 22 105 and a population of 101 683 people.

This project started on May 18 2015 and it will be completed on November 17, 2017. Progress made on this project is standing at 44%, although it was supposed to be at 50% and above stage. The project was delayed for five months by the labour recruitment dispute between the leadership of the community and project managers. Matibe appealed to community leaders to address the issue of employment of labourers in a responsible manner to avoid unnecessary disruptions and delay of the much awaited projects.

He also challenged project managers to do their work of consulting communities on time. Mukomaasinanndu to Malavuwe bulk water supply project is under construction and is progressing very well as it is at 91% success stage and Matibe said he hoped it will be completed before the e n d o f S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 6 .

Xikundu Mhinga bulk water supply project for Saselemane, Botsoleni, Maphophe, Mabiligwe bulk and storage is also progressing very well as it is at 90% complete stage and it is expected to be complete before September  this year. Xikundu Mhinga bulk water supply for Peninghotsa to Xamarhwani is at 79% and will be completed before the end of October this year.One of the biggest projects under construction is Vuwani to Middle Letaba Bulk water supply. The project is intended to relief the Middle Letaba water supply as it is now unable to provide water services to communities.

Majosi scheme, Tshitale South and Kurhuleni communities will benefit from this project. This project started on October 17, 2015 and it will end on May 31, next year. The progress to date is at 9% although it was supposed to be at 20% by now.

A grade eleven learner from Thengwe Secondary has made South Africa proud when she became one of the runner-ups in the SADC

TOP HONOUR FOR IMBELANI Future looks bright for Imbelani A grade eleven learner from Thengwe Secondary has made South Africa proud when she became one of the runner-ups in the SADC Secondary Schools essay competition. Imbelani Matibe, 16, of Mufulwi village, a deep rural area situated about fifty kilometers out of Thohoyandou, was the best learner in South Africa during the national competition which qualified her to represent the country in the SADC's 15 member states. She won $500 for being a top learner in South Africa. During this regional competition held in Botswana, Gaborone, from 16 to August 19, Matibe took third position where she won $750 a lap-top and certificate. The competition was held in conjunction with the SADC H e a d s o f S t a t e S u m m i t . Imbelani, who is a President of Learners Representative Council at Thengwe Secondary was given a heroic welcome when she arrived at her school on Thursday morning, August 20, with her parents, Mashudu and Khorommbi Matibe. Fellow learners made a guard of honor for her starting from the school's main gate while a red carpet was also laid for the entourage to walk through in the school's premises. In her speech, Matibe thanked her English teacher Maa-Khaoa Thabiso Mokoena, fellow debate learners and parents for helping her to be one of the top three achievers. The most inspiring moment for me was to shake hands with all fifteen heads of state from SADC. It was more inspiring to get a kiss on the chick from one of the respected leader in Africa, Robert Mugabe who is the President of Zimbabwe, said Matibe to the applause of other leaners. The school acting Principal, Tshilidzi Madanda, said she was happy that Nemudzivhadi emulated other previous winners from the school like former principal Nkhangweni Nemudzivhadi who was the best manager in the country, Mashudu Marubini who was the best Maths educator nationally and Rohula Bilankulu, a grade 12 learner, who won the National Moot C o u r t C o m p e t i t i o n i n 2 0 1 2 .

Matibe was also in the top ten in the 2013 South Africa-German Essay Competition and was part of the team that came first in the Roads Debate 2014; first in the provincial SAASTA Debate 2014 and best speaker in the provincial SAASTA debate The circuit manager, Takalani Makakavhule, said Matibe should work as a motivation to other leaners that anybody can achieve big things besides the geographical location which is too rural a n d o f p o o r b a c k g r o u n d . Nemudzuvhadi who retired as a school principal in May said it was up to other learners to use Matibe's success as an inspiration. Her father Khorommbi Matibe said: I want other learners to know that your attitude determines your destination. The chairperson of SGB at the school, Aubrey Matshema, said he was happy with all the good work that was happening at the school. Young Matibe was later acknowledged by the Vhembe District Municipality during a council meeting help in Thohoyandou later on the same day. Veteran boxing champin Phillip Ndou who has just beaten Shauri Ramadhan from Tanzania during the international non title-fight held in Thohoyandou three weeks back was also acknowledged by the municipality in his  resence while accompanied by his family. Newly crowned IBO welterweight champion Tsiko Mulovhedzi was also acknowledged in abstentia

The R513 million project started in May 18, 2015 after it was officially launched by Vhembe Executive Mayor Cllr Tshitereke Matibe.

As he has promised that the project will create jobs for local people, ninety-one people have already been employed. When the project come to an end in November 17, 2017, the ninety-one unskilled labourers would have benefited a lot which will make them skilled. Thirty six of the employed people are female while fifty-five are males. There has been lot of investment in the future as majority of the employed people are youth. Eighteen of them are female youth while thirty eight of them are male youth. The project which is divided into two stages has already covered 29% of the first phase. The first phase called gravity is starting from Albasin dam to the reservoir. This is the first phase where bulk pipes are being connected.

The second stage called rising main will connect pipes from the reservoir to Mowkop dam. The project is fudned by the National Department of Water and Municipal Infrastructure Grant. Matibe encourages youth to empower themselves with relevant skills so that they can be employable. He also revealed that the progress of the project was caused by lack of skilled labourers who are scares.

Matibe also thanked the community of Makhado for their patients while waiting for the project to be complete so that it can deliver water to their areas.

Former President Thabo Mbeki has encouraged South African citizens to report any person who abuses women so that they can be sent to jail.

In his address during the. Symposium on Gender Mainstreaming held at the University of Vendas auditorium i n A u g u s t , M b e k i s a i d g o n e a r e the days were women were treated lesser than men. I remember one person once said women must continue to love and care for their husbands even when they are beaten or abused because they care too much. If you hear a person saying such things, you must report him to police so that they can lock him away, said Mbeki.

Besides legislation that promote the

emancipation of women, Mbeki said South

Africa and other countries were still failing in

i m p l e m e n t i n g t h e m . W i t h o u t t h e

achievement of implementing these

legislation, women will still face poverty,

unemployment and inequality even though

they are in majority. Our democracy must

respond to the demands and concerns of

women, said Mbeki. Mbeki said women

loose chances of promotion and salary

increment because of family commitments

and responsibilities like breast-feeding

He said girl child lag behind in their studies

because of the responsibilities of

fetching .fire-wood and water from the

river while boy-child are concentrating

in their studies. Because of these

challenges, we have fewer girls at

primary schools, but that changes at

tertiary levels as we started to see

more girls than boys, said Mbeki while

adding that majority of boys drop out

of schools for different reasons.

Mbeki said to reach a certain degree of

gender balance, it needs awareness,

training and expertise. Mbeki

said research found that house-hold

income of female headed family was

lesser than the male headed families.

The research also found that

3.6% of men die from heart disease

while 6.2% of women die from the

same disease. This is the case with

high blood pressure and hypertension.

No one knows why it is like this, but

one hope that institutions like the

Gender Commission and the Ministry

of Women, Children and People with

Disability will solve this problem,

said Mbeki.

Some of the pensioners who participated in the golden games.

Pensioners say Golden Games are helping them to live healthy lives. This was the view of hundred of pensioners who participated in the District's Golden Games held at Thohoyandou Stadium recently. Pensioners from four local municipalities of Thulamela, Mutale, Makhado and Musina participated in the duck walk, dress up race, passing ball, rugby, juskei, ring the stick, ball pass and kick, ball relay, goal shooting, pegging and washing pegs, soccer 100, 200, 400, 500, 800 meters and 400 meters relay. Golden Games started in 2009 with the aim of helping elders to exercise. Thilivhali Ravele, who is a Social Worker at the Department of Health who is responsible for Elders Projects in Vhembe, said the games help pensioners to exercise and relieve stress.Most of our pensioners are locked in the houses for the entire days. When we take them out for exercising it helps to keep pensioners a c t i v e . M a j o r i t y o f p e n s i o n e r s confirmed that they are living a healthy life since they started participating in Golden games.Tshinakaho Mmbengeni from Shakadza said she was able to play soccer for fifty minutes without taking a break. Selinah Matibe from Mufulwi said she is able to out-run many youth, including males, because of her i n v o l v e m e n t i n G o l d e n G a m e s .

Pensioners who performed well during the games will participate in the provincial games to be held in Mutale , early October. On October 25-31, national games will be played in Kimberly.

Acting Executive Mayor for Vhembe, Cllr Esther Makhomisane is urging the community to help
disabled people to exercise so that they can have healthy bodies.
Makhomisane said this during the Rofhiwa Manwadu s Annual Sport Event held at Thohoyandou
Stadium last Saturday.

VUWANI – Vhembe Executive Mayor Cllr Tshitereke Matibe has handed ten fire fighting vehicles to six Fire stations in the district. The cars were handed over to the stations during a special function held at Vuwani Fire-fighting training centre and fire station last Thursday.

KHUBVI – Thousands of people paid their last respect to the late gospel artist Mpho “Regalo”
Gangashe by attending his memorial services and funeral in big numbers.
The memorial service in Pretoria on Thursday ended in gospel music festival that lasted until 11
while the one held on Friday also closed with a mini gospel festival that ended after 10pm at Kh
sports ground.

On the 16 July 2014, the Vhembe District Municipality held the State of The District Address at Paroshia Church Tshaulu Village, Thulamela Municipality, this momentous occasion is followed by the Mandela day at mtititi High School Thulamela Local Municipality (Malamulele) on the 18th of July 2014 which is one of the most prestigious events in the Vhembe District Municipality

AfriForum leader at Makhado Wally Schultz is singing praises songs to Vhembe District's Municipal Manager, Masala Makumule, and his team for delivering water in Makhado. Speaking to Vhembe News during a special interview we had at Makahdo, Schultz said he was happy that Vhembe has agreed to work with him in order to restore water supply in the area.

Vhembe District Municipality has received a major boost through the allocation of 56 artisans from the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. The artisans who arrived recently will be distributed to the twentyt h r e e ( 2 3 ) w a t e r s c h e m e s throughout Vhembe District. They will be responsible for o p e r a t i o n , r e p a i r s a n d t h e m a i n 

Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti, says he is humbled by the project initiated by the Matsila Community Development Trust. After doing site visit to the R54m funded project by National Lotteries Board; Nkwinti who also did the official opening recently said: I am out of words. My eyes are full of tears. I am humbled to see a project like this 

Tears of joy fell from the eyes of Avhashoni Nemavhola when Vhembe Executive Mayor Cllr Tshitereke Matibe announced that she, Nemavhola, was going to get a free house. During a mini-function that was held at Avhashoni Nemavholas home at Makwarani village outside Thohoyandou recently, Matibe dug a foundation of a four roomed house to open way for

If Vhembe can take advantage of its resources, it can become an economical hub of Limpopo and create more jobs for its unemployed people. This was said by Thembinkosi Obed Mlaba, an ambassador to UK during his visit in Vhembe recntly. Mlaba together with the other five newly appointed ambassadors from South Africa to other countries visited Vhembe

Vele Secondary School has promised to produce good results in Vhembe. This was revealed by the school principal Samuel Makhadoduring the official opening of the state of art school held at Gogogo recently. The school which boost three laboratories, recreational facilitiesand sixteen modern classes was officially opened by Education MEC Dikeledi Magadzi. 

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