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Water Challenges must be addressed now

The newly elected Executive Mayor for Vhembe District Municipality, Florence Fulufhelo Radzilani, has promised that her council will make sure that “water challenges are addressed.” Radzilani says it is un-acceptable for community members to live without water as an essential need. “Water is a basic commodity which is the very basis of life itself. All of us here will agree that the main service delivery challenge facing us is water.

“This is an undeniable reality facing each one of us, whether we sit in the PMT or in the opposition benches. The problem is made even worse by the persisting drought which has left many of our dam levels low. “While we shall continue to deliver water through the tankering system, especially in depressed areas, I believe that we must at the same time begin to come up with workable solution in the medium to long term,” said Radzilani during her acceptance speech. Part of the things that will be done immediately to address the challenges she said will be to maintain the existing infrastructure and upgrading them. She acknowledges that there are challenges of dilapidated infrastructure and population growth which are contributing to water scarcity.

“As a start, I will make sure that there is a team assembled immediately to refurbish and repair all our damaged boreholes.

We will also at the same time have to come up with popular campaigns to curtail the continuing theft and vandalism of water generators, including borehole equipment especially in deep rural areas.”

Radzilani said there is a need for water harvesting and conservation from catchment areas. She said they must also receive immediate priority. “Our technical department must help us find appropriate solution to unlock the various existing water sources such as the ones in Tshaulu and in similar places. Means and ways must be found to make drinking water available to those residing in areas adjacent to dams and catchment areas. “It can never be acceptable that these people are simple bypassed when decisions on development areas for water reticulation are taken.

“I promise to spend more time on project visits to the affected communities to ensure that our people receive clean drinking water without interruptions. I believe these to be some of the most immediate quick wins we can bank in the medium term while we work towards finding longer term solutions to speedily deliver water to our people.

“At the end of our Council tenure, we must expect our people to judge us on the extent to which we would have deliver water to our people,” said Radzilani.


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