Office of the Municipal Manager

Kutama Z.N

Municipal Manager

Tel: 015 960 2000

Nethanani N

Manager: Office of The Municipal Manager

Tel: 015 960 2149

Netshisaulu N

Manager: Transformation

Tel: 015 960 2150

PURPOSE: To provide strategic Management & support

FUNCTIONS: Manage Orgnisational and Individual PMS Manage IGR Manage Monitoring & Evaluations

Raphunga D

Manager: Legal Services

Tel: 015 960 2014

PURPOSE: Manage Legal Services and support

FUNCTIONS: Manage Litigations Manage Drafting of Contracts, Service Level Agreements and Memorandum of Understandings Manage Legal Advisory Services

Kharidza M

Manager: Internal Audit Unit

Tel: 015 960 2022

PURPOSE: To provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the municipality's operations.

FUNCTIONS: Review the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management processes Review the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls designed to mitigate identified risks Review the adequacy and effectiveness of governance processes that enhance implementation of internal controls


Manager: Risk & Security

Tel: 015 960 2108

PURPOSE: To provide Risk and Security Management Services

FUNCTIONS: Assist to Identify, manage,monitor risks management and investigation Provide Safety and Security Management services Visitos

Matloga S

Manager: IDP

Tel: 015 960 3500