Community Services

Enhancing Well-being and Cultural Initiatives

The Community Services Department is dedicated to providing essential services, fostering social programs, and promoting cultural initiatives to enhance the well-being of our community.
Tel: 015 964 4541
Email: communityservices@vhembe.gov.za
Mukoma M
General Manager: Community Services
General Manager Corporate Services The department is situated at the Head office of Vhembe District Municipality at the former Parliamentary building, first floor.
Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: mukwevhon@vhembe.gov.za
Mukwevho N
Manager: Municipal Health
Environmental health compromises those aspects of human health, including quality of life, that are determined by chemical, physical , biological ,social and psychosocial factors in the environment
Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: mabasarn@vhembe.gov.za
Mabasa M.D
Manager: Sports, Arts & Culture
Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: muthaphulin@vhembe.gov.za
Muthaphuli L
Manager: Disaster Risk Assesment
To ensure a safe and secure environment, conducive to sustainable development and livelihoods.
Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: nthambelenit@vhmebe.gov.za
Nthambeleni T.G
Manager: Institution Capacity

PURPOSE: To manage Institutional Capacity Services

FUNCTIONS: Provide education and training services Provide funding services

Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: budelim@vhembe.gov.za
Budeli M.C
Chief Fire Officer

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