Development Planning

Guiding Growth and Sustainability

The Development Planning Department spearheads urban and rural planning initiatives, contributing to the sustainable growth of Vhembe District.

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: Planningoffice@vhembe.gov.za
General Manager: Planning Department

PURPOSE: To render Development Planning services.

FUNCTIONS: Manage Strategic Management services Manage LED services Manage Public Transport Planning & Regulations Services Manage Spartial Planning and Land use Services

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: mushaphim@vhembe.gov.za
Musaphi M
Manager: LED

PURPOSE: To manage Intergrated Development Planning. To manage LED Services Through partnership with business, Community, and government

FUNCTIONS: Develop, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of IDP

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: daswas@vhembe.gov.za
Daswa S
Manager: GIS

PURPOSE: To render GIS and Survey Services

FUNCTIONS: Provision of GIS and Survey Services 

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: nempumbulunit@vhembe.gov.za
Nempumbuluni T.C
Manager: Transport

PURPOSE:To manage Public Transport services.

FUNCTIONS: Manage Public Transport Planning Manage Public Transport Regulations Manage Road Safety

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: mapholic@vhembe.gov.za
Mapholi C
Manager: Spatial Planning

PURPOSE: To manage Spartial planning, Land use and the Environment

FUNCTIONS Manage Land use Manage Spartial Planning Manage the Environment

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