Vhembe District municipality is located at the North-western tip of South Africa in the Limpopo Province. It is bordered by Zimbabwe to the north and Botswana to the northwest. The Limpopo river valley forms the border between the District and its International neighbours. Through the Kruger National Park the Vhembe District also Borders Mozambique on its Eastern boarder. Within South Africa the Kruger National Park to the east, the Mopani District to the Southeast, and the Capricorn District to the Southwest border the Vhembe District. (See below Map).

Map 1.2 - Vhembe District and Local Municipalities

As can be seen in the below Diagram, the majority of the settlements are clustered east of the N1, predominantly in Thulamela and Mutale. Only 8 major settlements in Makhado are located west of the N1. Although the district is strategically located on the N1 corridor, it mainly serves as throughway for trade traffic to and from Africa with very little direct spin-offs accruing to the local economy (apart from the relative limited shopping in Musina and at Beit Bridge).

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