Technical Services

Empowering Infrastructure and Innovation

Explore the core of Vhembe’s development with the Technical Services Department. Dedicated professionals drive progress through strategic planning, engineering excellence, and sustainable management of vital infrastructure projects.
Tel: 015 960 2117
Email: malulekew@vhembe.gov.za
Maluleke W
General Manager: Technical Services

PURPOSE: To render & manage infrastructure and To provide efficient, affordable, economical and sustainable access to water and sanitation

FUNCTIONS: Manage PMU. Manage EPWP & ISD Services

Tel: 015 960 2117
Email: phuthua@vhembe.gov.za
Phuthu A
Manager: Portable Water Operations

PURPOSE:To manage portable water operations

FUNCTIONS: Operate and maintain portable water treatment works. 

Tel: 015 964 4500
Email: chaukef@vhembe.gov.za
Chauke F
Manager: Project Management Unit

PURPOSE: To manage infrastructure projects

FUNCTIONS Develop & review infrastructure development designs. Management of projects funds Management of project contracts Ensure compliance of grant conditions Coordinante energy & housing matters

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: masakonat@vhembe.gov.za
Masakona E
Manager: Planning Water Services

PURPOSE: To ensure the effective Planning of Water and Sanitation Projects

FUNCTIONS: Planning and Design Future Water Services Projects

Tel: 015 960 2117
Email: matshilimu@vhembe.gov.za
Matshili M
Manager: Waste Water Operations

PURPOSE:To manage waste water operation

FUNCTION: Operate and maintain waste water treatment works and maintain sewer districution network.

Tel: 015 960 3502
Email: mahwasanem@vhembe.gov.za
Mahwasane M.J
Manager: Water Demand

PURPOSE: To provide water demand management services

FUNCTIONS: Management of water conservation and demands Balancing of water system

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