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Vhembe District is ideally positioned for easy access to African markets, its proximity to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana provides the investor with a powerful platform from which to access the South African region and to contribute as well as benefit the New Partnership for Africa’s Development. The trade sector has been the fastest growing.

This reflects the existence of a strong demand for goods and services and the growth of the tourism industry. The unemployment rate using expanded definition stood at 49% in 2006. It rose to this level from 47.7% in 1996. This level of unemployment rate is too high both at the provincial and district level. At provincial level the rate of unemployment rose from 44.4% in 1996 to 45.1% in 2006.

The concern is that instead of the unemployment decreasing, it is increasing. Vhembe District is predominantly a young population with 74.99% of the population at 35 years of age and below. The people are at a good age to be trained and acquire the skills necessary for the development of the economy.

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Vhembe District Municipality is situated in the north most part of South Africa. It is the last district of both the Limpopo province and South Africa. It shares the borders with three Southern African Development Community countries. These are Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The Vhembe District Municipality appointed Kayamandi Development Services (Pty) Ltd to undertake a Local Economic Development Strategy (LED) for the District. The LED is a component of the Municipality’s overall strategic plan as outlined in the Integrated Development Planning process. The strategy provides the District Municipality with guidelines to create and facilitate economic development, realise the underlying economic development potential, and encourage private sector investment and job creation. For More Information Contact LED Officer on : 015 960 2015

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